DMZ tour

More about the DMZ.

I went through Koridoor, and it was pretty good. They’re based at the USO office. I took a taxi (3,500 won) from Yongsan Station, and the taxi dropped me off right at the USO entrance. I think the taxi ride was about five minutes.


Conference Row, facing North Korea. You can see just one guard, by the front door. On the second window to your left (his right) of the door, there was another guard looking at us with binoculars. A third guard walked along the top balcony every now and then. Apparently the US military nicknames them Bob 1, Bob 2, Bob 3.

Propaganda Village behind me.



Propaganda Village, without me.



Gigantic flagpole.


PB010036Bridge of No Return


PB010055Dorasan Station, in Paju. Last station before North Korea… or first station to North Korea.

The 7-minute video at the 3rd Tunnel was insane and total sensory overload. Six screens going on at once! Most of the time, it was the same picture on 2 screens x 3. Other times, it was six different screens!

Going uphill from inside the 3rd Tunnel was a trek. I am so out of shape, clearly.

Yo what is this:


Muui Island

2014-09-06 18.43.53

Took a series of buses from Incheon Airport to Muui Island, during the long Chuseok holiday. Summer is officially over, and the swimming pools were already drained.

There’s a really short ferry ride from the airport island to Muui Island. It only takes 3 minutes, maybe less.