She got me dreaming like a Michigan boy

After 10 years, Stainless Style is still one of my favorite albums of all time. I remember overhearing Trick for Treat at a hipster dive bar in Eagle Rock, California. To me, it was a hit. I NEEDED to know who this band was, and even interrupted the conversation to do the “WAIT. WHO IS THIS!?” thing. My metal friend, for some reason, knew: Neon Neon. (I checked Soundcloud, just in case)

Lone Digger

Most of Caravan Palace’s songs seem to be a rehash of the same song, but, whatever. I like Lone Digger. Also, I don’t know what’s up with the weird stripper/barfight music video.

Dirty Computer

It’s only April, and I’m convinced that Janelle Monáe’s Dirty Computer album is going to be my favorite album this year.

Here’s the visual portion of the album.

Goodbye Rdio

Rdio is shutting down (for now). I ended my subscription a long time ago, but went on to get a copy of my playlists etc. Here’s something I got out of their export site:


Ha! The angst.



And that only reminds me to go on a Oasis/Grimes/Gorillaz/instrumental writing music kick right now. Loading up Genie Music now, and hopefully they have these foreigner tracks available.


P9240003I’m just hanging out at home this weekend. I have a cold. Sore throat kicked in on Tuesday, peaked on Friday. And it’s gone now. But now I have the sniffles. Ugh!

I’ve been at home, listening to various Spotify playlists. I pay $10 for Spotify instead of $5 for Rdio, SOLELY because of the playlists. I am THAT lazy.

Anyway, the point of bringing up Spotify playlists … I was listening to some music, and thought, WHAT KIND OF SHITTY MUSIC SELECTIONS ARE THESE!? Turns out, they were my saved songs. Confirmed: I think my own music selections are shitty.

Also: over the course of this week, I have become a subscriber to the cult of Uniqlo Heattech. IT WORKS! And of course it costs more than I’d like it to (19,900 won for leggings; 24,900 won for a long sleeved shirt). On the upside of it, I bought Heattech pajama pants for 10,000 won. THEY ARE SO AWESOME.