Bed space

2014-10-20 lunch

Preface: obligatory lunch photo!!

My queen-sized bed takes up a quarter of my apartment. I DON’T NEED A QUEEN-SIZED BED! For the past few years (oh shit… has it really been “a few years”?), I have spent my nights cozying up to a panel heater (highly recommended… I was so fond of that thing) and a huge microfiber blanket from Target (really awesome).

Oh, and I now have a young man cat who wants to romp around when I want to sleep. I’m more or less in a relationship of sorts, minus the sex.

I would have so much more room for activities (haha) if I had a single bed, or if I go Korean and roll out my bed every night. Back home in ‘Murica, for the past three years or so, I slept on a mattress pad on the floor. I could totally do the floor thing.

By the way, all of my bedding is flowery and pink. And I have a nuclear-orange down comforter. My least favorite colors!! BUT. They were free, from another foreign teacher who left my building the day after I moved in. At the price of free, you really can’t say shit like, “Uh, do you have anything that’s not in pink?”