Re-reading the American Girls books

Growing up, I had the complete booksets of the Felicity, Samantha, Molly series, and two random Addy books. There was also a large paperback with plays and individual scripts for that, but when you’re a solo kid, how are you supposed to hold PLAYS with MULTIPLE PEOPLE?? That said, there were also the Felicity and Samantha dolls that were never really taken out of their boxes … I just didn’t care for the dolls. I suppose they could be near-NIB listings on eBay.

Recently, I have decided to do a quick re-read of the series. They’re short and easy books, right? Wrong!! Oh shiiiiiit … it is true that they are short and easy books, BUT in adulthood … these books hit different.

I read the Kit series for the first time yesterday, and I just blazed through the books. I had somehow assumed this was supposed to be a Depression-era Harriet the Spy, but it wasn’t!! Sure, Kit has a (totally only hobbyist) newspaper side hustle, but it is purely for entertaining her family members.

WOW, what was this series? There is some HEAVY stuff in here!?!? Is this okay for kids? I mean, obviously the deed has been one and it has been read by so many children, but …??

Mrs. Howard! MRS. HOWARD!! Am I the only one who thinks this lady might have Munchausen’s by proxy? Honestly, other than being a bit shrimpy, Stirling is otherwise a perfectly normal kid. I was getting lowkey Gypsy Rose Blanchard vibes.

Some fangirling never goes away

I vomited flowers when I found out that Cardcaptor Sakura is getting a new manga series, the Clear Card Arc. I read and watched all 12 books, 70 episodes, and 2 movies when I was, what, 14? Saved up all my moneys and imported all 12 tankobon, learned to read Japanese.  Uh, thanks for making me a fangirl, Billy from secondary school.

15 years later, there’s a new series! I thought about it for a while – do I really care that much? And then I decided that yes, I did, and bought the first volume. Sakura is the best magical girl.