New York Times

Recently, my company was in the New York Times. By “my”, I mean the company I work at, not the company I run, duh.

The joke going around the company now is that maybe one of us will contact the NYT to provide an insider comment. For the photo, it’ll be one of those anonymized silhouettes, except that the rest of the staff will look at that photo and think – oh wait, is that R’s bubble butt? that’s a chunky sweater, it must be P!

Still settling in

Good news is, as of yesterday, I no longer have an empty fridge. I had one of those sad fridges you see in movies, the kind with a single yogurt cup inside, or just one packet of mayonnaise from a fast-food store. I can’t seem to find a full supermarket anywhere near I live, and Hema doesn’t deliver to my address. Ugh. So I paid for what I assume are slightly overpriced expat groceries from Fields China. Oh well. I am making enough money; I suppose I can afford it.

After living outside of Seoul for four and a half years and commuting to the fun zones, it’s nice to be able to step outside of my apartment and find myself right in the middle of the action.

I still find myself questioning if it was wise to uproot myself from Korea and move to China. I was strolling around Xintiandi, the bougie side of my subway station, and came across a Korean restaurant. I didn’t go in, I only looked at the menu by the entrance. It was so nice being able to actually read something and understand it. I’m essentially illiterate when it comes to Chinese.


Three weeks in, and I’m still in the process of settling in to Shanghai. My fridge is still empty. I only recently bought a fork, spoon, and a plate. Daiso here in China sucks, and it’s not just because I went to some reject Daiso – it was the big one at South Shaanxi Road Station.

I live on the third floor of a lane house at the edge of the Former French Concession, and a bit too close to the freeway. It’s a bit noisy, and when really big trucks pass on the freeway, the apartment shakes a little. I’m used to it now.

Oh, and in the previous post, I mentioned being worried about getting fake currency in Myeongdong. No problems at all. I deposited the cash in my new ICBC account without any problems.