(Is this the part where I write a puff piece about myself?)

I’m from a lot of places. I started this blog in … 2002, was it? Most of what I wrote about was school stuff. And then I went to university, where I didn’t do much writing, and I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures, either. After graduation, I went to work in Ireland. I wrote even less, and there are barely any pictures of me. It’s like I didn’t exist!

In 2014, I moved to South Korea for a job, and also studied Korean from 9-6 (!!) during the weekends. I don’t know how I did it.

In 2018, even though I’d said for years that I would never, ever! move to China … I moved to China. I currently live in Shanghai, and there are barely any pictures of me here either.

Why mousy.net?

It was a dictionary word and only $8.