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Underweight, but goals

I am now clinically underweight at a BMI of 18.2. I started out at a BMI of 21.4. Further proof that BMI is bullshit. At a normal weight, my flesh hung awkwardly on my body. Now I look fit; now I look #goals. Most of my clothes fit better now. The ones that don’t — are too loose and were too frumpy in the first place, anyway.

My body fat percentage could be better. I have a bf% of 25%, which is normal but also slightly unhealthy.

I started out at 54.9 kg, at 160 cm. I have a small frame – I’m a petite Asian. I am now 46.5 kg. I’ve lost 8.4 kg, and 8.4/54.9 = 0.15, which means that I lost 15% of my initial weight.

In imperial units, that’s starting out at 121 lbs, 5′ 3″, and losing 18 lbs. I now weigh 102 lbs.

I look amazing; I feel amazing.

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