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Life under quarantine

The¬†New Yorker has a sweet graphic story about the coronavirus lockdown. I don’t feel the loneliness they talk about. First of all, Whiskey the cat is pretty much my best friend and a really cool roommate.

Also, because I am so, so busy with making videos for work. I don’t even have time to cook because work is just so overwhelming, just like in this panel — but there’s not a whole lot of place delivering food, either.

Whenever I forget, the lady from the neighborhood committee texts me on Wechat to ask for my daily temperature reading. So I guess there’s that. Oh, and constantly getting bombarded with texts from work because we’re now working online–which seems to be an excuse for working¬†all the time. Sigh. This working-from-home situation is not the cool, relaxed time I thought it would be.

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