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Going out

I’m told that it’s no longer illegal to walk around Shanghai without a mask, but everyone still does it anyway. This includes myself. Restaurants are opening up and everyone is getting out more. There have been no local cases for a while now. I guess it’s okay to go out and live a little? I don’t know. I was invited out last week, as soon as my quarantine was over, but I chose not to go. I also genuinely overslept that time – brunch was at 12 and I woke up at something like 1 pm.

I went to brunch at Highline, which was lovely and had buy one get one free on cocktails. I ordered a Paloma.

The elevator buttons were covered like this, for ease of cleaning, I guess? I briefly couldn’t figure out how I should press the buttons, but I finally just used a cloth-covered finger to press 6 for Highline.



I had the shrimp roll and a side order of sweet potato fries. Overpriced but it was a nice break from my usual food at home. I’m staying under 900 kcal per day! I’ve lost 1.7 kg so far which seems like a lot but I’ve not seen any changes in the mirror yet. My clothes still don’t fit right!

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