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Personal blogs and their relevancy in 2019 and beyond

Personally, I think there will always be a place for YOUR blog, hosted on YOUR domain.

I recently got into the most ridiculous conversation with someone who declared that if he wanted, he could report a private domain blog and get it ‘blocked’ or ‘shut down’, “just like the report button on, like, Instagram”. (insert massive eye roll from me here)

Okay, so I guess one could report it to the hosting service and claim that it was hosting malicious/copyrighted/hate etc content – but then the hosting service goes and checks for themselves. And they only find holiday snaps and someone’s random blog thoughts. So how do you shut down a private blog that, though perhaps annoying by being self-absorbed or whatever … isn’t that annoying to the hosting service? Maybe a targeted DDOS attack, giving it the Internet hug of death … no, I’m giving too much weight to this nonsense. Basically, you can’t click and report private domains in the same way as reporting an Instagram or Twitter account.

Anyway, he was dumb and two days later I threw him out of my apartment because he kept wearing his shoes inside the house – the ONLY house rule he needed to follow.

“But I was in a hurry!” he said.

I still threw him out.

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