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The Bund, and psycho behavior

I went for a stroll at The Bund with a work colleague. The weather was either misty or foggy or simply polluted, and some of the buildings on the other side of the Huangpu River were obscured by it. At 10 pm, the main lights on the buildings around the Bund shut off in sync, which was really fascinating to see! I also want to check out what seems to be a rooftop bar with flamethrowers for lighting. I don’t even know which one it was. “rooftop bar shanghai bund” doesn’t really help. I guess I’ll just have to go there in person and find it again.

Anyway, the psycho behavior. Is it the colleague? Is it China? Work Colleague called me randomly at 9 pm, said he had just gotten out of an awkward blind date, and didn’t want to go home yet, and was I available for a random stroll around the city? Sure. I peeled myself off my couch, where I had been drinking whiskey and watching Galavant.

And then. Work Colleague was just shoving into people who weren’t even in his way, and he excused it by saying “someone did that to me earlier”. A car passed us by and then he sprinted and ran up really close to it to shout “Boo!” at it, which, by the way, almost got his toes run over.

We passed by someone taking a photo and he did some stupid I’m-in-your-way gesture just as the camera clicked, which would require another photo to be taken. I got upset and told him to remember the human, and he shrugged it off by saying that he has a lot of passive-aggressiveness built up. He also mentioned failing at online dating and that while on one of these dates, someone tried to call the police on him. I WONDER WHY. I cut the night short by saying it was raining, plus he needed to get back on the subway before it closed, so that he would only pay about 3-5 RMB for the subway instead of 100 RMB for a Didi. It was only about an hour, but I’m never hanging out with him again by choice.

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