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Microchip implant

I went to the vet today – twice – to get a microchip implanted in each of my two cats. There was no way I could carry both, so, two trips! There’s a vet right next to my apartment, but the closest vet that does microchips is quite some distance away. Far away enough for a walk to be annoying, close enough that a taxi would seem silly.

The microchip was 35,000 won. And I have two cats, so my total was 70,000 won. I’m glad that’s over with!

And then, to register the microchips. I looked through the list of companies supported by And of all the free registries, I liked the most, much more professional. Unfortunately, it only supports American phone numbers and addresses. I’m a perpetual expat that needs to be able to input non-American phone numbers and addresses. My cats are now registered at

In other news, South Korea is currently playing against Sweden in their first game (I think) of this World Cup round. I’m going to follow the game by analyzing the amount of yelling I hear coming from outside my window. I have to say, 9 pm games areĀ much better than the previous World Cup’s 6 am games or something like that.

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