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Amsterdam Centraal

All the news are saying that Anthony Bourdain died today.

A long time ago, in a train station in Amsterdam, I kind of crossed paths with him. I didn’t say hi or fangirl because (a) I was in a train that was about to depart, and he was on the platform, and (b) he was working. The film crew repeatedly filmed him going up and down the stairs with a (clearly empty) suitcase, again and again. And then along the platform, again and again, until they got their shot.

At the time, I thought this guy was world-famous. But nobody in that train station seemed to notice or care. In that moment, I realized: Oh shit, he’s only big on American TV!¬†Looking back at it,¬†No Reservations was only on its second season, and Youtube wasn’t a verb yet.

Of all the food and travel shows out there, I think his was by far the best. It’s the adventures of an Everyman who happens to know a lot about cooking, going around and trying out new things, and being open to it.

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