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KIIP 2단계, Day 5

Here’s the thing. I cannot believe how immature some of my fellow classmates are. One of the girls is constantly hissing under her breath (but loud enough for everyone), “Break. Break. Break.” As in, 10-minute study break. This, to me, is rude as fuck and I am certain that she thinks the teacher doesn’t understand her. I don’t even know why some of the people in class even bother coming, if they don’t want to learn. It’s a different story if they were placed in the wrong level and are madly distracted, but I know they’re not scoring as high on dictation and are constantly making mistakes in reading, making sentences, etc. I don’t “need” this class unlike most of my classmates (I’m not married to a Korean, no concrete ties to the country), and yes the class is free, but I am making all this effort to wake up early and spend all this time in class, so you better believe I’m going to fucking ace this class.

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