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KIIP 2단계, Day 2

Day 2. So tired. Everyone is kinda perky from 9:00 – 12:00. Some begin to slow down after coming back from lunch at 12:40. At 4:00-5:30 (last 2 hours), it’s really hard to focus.

We moved from the middle of Lesson 2 (page 25) to halfway through Lesson 4 (page 40). Lots of handouts (for practicing vocabulary and grammar), and reading out loud. The composition part at the end of each chapter kind of stumps me. I try but it’s not easy yet.

I read online that you don’t have to study outside of class. Not for the accelerated class! I’m definitely going to need some time to prepare and review, and everyone else I spoke to seemed to have the same idea. We blazed through half of a previous lesson, a new lesson, and got halfway through another new lesson today. When June hits, we’re going to be doing this on Saturday AND Sunday.

There’s 14 on the roster but only 13 today. None of us recognized the 2 very hairy Pakistani men – this is their first day. At first, I thought that maybe they had been here last week, but hadn’t shaved since.

Took a writing quiz. 10 questions. I got 3 wrong – small mistakes like writing 았 instead of 었. So pissed – it was basic shit that I shouldn’t have been making mistakes at. Will fix. Russia was the only person to get 100%.

I’m a petty, competitive biatch, okay? I want 100%, too.

The factory workers speak better than us, but the teacher rewrote all their sentences and suggested that they rewrite them at home, for practice. The most well-balanced student, I think, is Syria. Syria speaks well, reads hesitantly, but only made 1 mistake on the quiz.

I still think I’m one of the better readers, BUT who gives a shit about reading – it’s conversational speaking that I need.

Russia, Ukraine and I went for juice at the super cheap juice bar that makes my stomach feel funny afterwards. Ukraine was peeved that she phoned her husband and he said he was coming. She did the air quotes thing with her finger and said, “Sure, ‘coming’. He probably just woke up.” We asked her to come with us for juice – if he did come by later, it wasn’t that far from the social welfare center anyway. The shop owner came by our table to give us 3 samples of kiwi juice, and he showed up – obviously a bit late. I gave him my kiwi juice sample because I had already tried it last week. He looked up and saw the menu “Americanos for 1000 won? What!” and promptly got up to buy one.

Ukraine and her husband are at the 2nd interview for My Neighbor Charles. So exciting, I hope they get on it. If it happens, they’ll be filmed for two weeks, and then the episode will air in early July. So exciting! I love the show, and now I’ll know people who have been on it!! If they get through. Which I hope they do.

Later, on the 81 bus ride back to 계양구, Land I realized that we had no idea what Ukraine’s husband’s name was. We giggled: lol how rude of us not to ask! But it’s not like he introduced himself, either.

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