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Election ballot


I finally got my ballot in the mail! I get a sticker this time – very exciting. I’ve never had an I Voted sticker with my absentee ballot before, and always felt a bit left-out because of that.

I spent two days, two days, fretting over my choices. I couldn’t vote for the presidential candidate choice again, because I had already done that through Democrats Abroad – but of course I’m going to vote downticket.

Angrily voted against the useless local representative Judy Chu, who has an effectiveness rating of 0% and is the 7th least effective member of Congress (and there’s 535 Congress members). And yet somehow, she gets re-elected every time. Merely because of the letter (D) next to her name. I’m also Asian and also a Democrat, but I’m not going to vote for someone just because they’re also an Asian and/or a Democrat. Be useful!

When I was dealing with my FBI criminal background check for my job, I sent the representative’s local office an email through her site, for assistance with this federal agency. You know, the kind of assistance that representatives are supposed to help their constituents with? After a long two weeks, I received a letter in the mail that basically said “fuck you”. No, fuck YOU, Judy! I’m Asian too and even that’s not going to make me vote for you. Was this petty of me? Possibly. Was I her constituent? Absolutely.

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