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Removing silicone caulking

Whoever installed the furnishings in my officetel really sucked. Several doors are beginning to sag, and apparently they thought it was a good idea to smear clear silicon caulking all over the place. ¬†That “clear” caulking is now yellow. My previous officetel (in the same building!) didn’t have any of this nonsense going on.


Look at this! Even when the kitchen counter is OCD-level clean, it doesn’t look clean!

After six months of living in this officetel, I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to town with a butterknife, and scraped, chipped, and cut all that away. I bought some glue remover from Daiso but that barely worked. A knockoff Magic Eraser kind of worked for the tiny bits of leftover silicone. I replaced it with white silicone caulking (also from Daiso), and used my fingers, cotton buds, and paper towels to pat it out.


Now I’m happy. I wasn’t able to achieve the invisible look, but it looks much better. Please excuse the random stuff littered all over the stove – it’s bits of caulking and paper towels etc from the process. I can’t scrub it down while the new caulking is curing, because the stovetop isn’t actually attached to the countertop – it’s just resting on top of a slightly smaller gap. I don’t want the stovetop to move around too much and mess everything up.

After it was done, I had the bright idea of looking up some instructional videos on Youtube. Apparently¬†I should have used painter’s tape, but whatever. It’s done. Next time, I’ll know.

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