in South Korea

Visit to a gaming arcade

Gaming arcades in Korea are fun! The one I went to was 500 won per credit – and all the games cost 1 credit to play! None of that “insert 2 credits to play” nonsense. We put in our money in the change machines, and set off with our 500 won coins.

I played a zombie shoot-em-up co-op game, shot some basketballs, lost horribly at air hockey, and some kind of video whack-a-mole game.  I only took photos at the rhythm games section, though.



Here I am, playing on a Jubeat cabinet by Konami. There’s 16 buttons on the panel, and when you see a panel light up, you press it. It’s surprisingly not easy – or maybe I was just a bit too tipsy by then.



Here’s L, playing GITADORA OverDrive DrumMania – and with a couple of fans, too!



This guy was intense at Beatmania IIDX. It’s a crazy rhythm game that goes so fast – seriously, this guy was moving so fast.  He should have been a pianist or something. Also, take note of the cooling fan (in the winter!), and also the jacket on the railing.



I don’t even know what these buttons do

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