in South Korea

Shopping day

Continued from previously!


I went window shopping for makeup and skincare, and fortunately didn’t buy any. I already have loads!! I stopped by a Holly’s Coffee for a coffee and a sandwich, which was lovely and perhaps a little overpriced – but never mind, I’m on vacation.  It was nice to people-watch from a window seat.

My bill came out to 10,100 won. I think the Balsamic Mushroom Ciabatta was about 5,700 won, and the Belgian Chocolate Hollyccino was … well, whatever it was.  Couldn’t really get the chocolate shavings up my straw, at the end of the drink.  I wasn’t about to be defeated, so I stabbed at them with my straw until they were small enough. Hahaha!


I also dropped by Davichi’s Myeongdong branch to restock on contact lenses.  Everyone who came into contact with me spoke English to me – Myeongdong being a touristy place and all.  They were out of my right eye’s prescription, so they called in my order to a branch closer to where I live.  That branch was also out of my right eye’s prescription (is it popular or something!?), and will order it and have it in by Thursday evening.  Just to be safe, I’ll pick it up on Friday.

And I came to the realization that I understood everything (Korean) that was said on the phone, and was written on the computer screen about my prescription and visits.  I even had a full conversation in Korean with the lady helping me, before she discovered I (perhaps unnecessarily?) explained, out of habit, that I’m an American foreigner.  Okay, time to stop being lazy and buck up with volunteering my Korean language skills.  In my defense, today was supposed to be a lazy day where I wouldn’t have to double-think everything that came out of my mouth. From now on – in Korea, speak Korean! Unless someone wants to practice English with me.  Or if I’m in Myeongdong or something, or if my accent that day is too thick.


Clothes shopping!  Edae is lots of fun, and less crowded than Hongdae.  Some makeup shops, some socks and shoes, and lots of student-priced clothing.  My socks have been getting holes in them (embarrassing), so I bought three pairs here (I actually need more), and also about five shirts.  Shirts were between 10,000 – 15,000 won each, and the socks were 1,000 won each.

I also stopped by Olive Young, to pick up a circular hairbrush (need to get a hairdryer eventually, too). I ended up also buying some whitening strips for my teeth too, because it was 1+1 (buy 1 get 1 free…but you have to buy both) for 12,000 won.

So, a bit of a spendy day today, but still a nice trip out.

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