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Haircut and shopping in Seoul

I’m currently on vacation, so today I went to three places in Seoul, with all kinds of things planned for each location. For this post: the haircut in Hongdae.


I went here to get a haircut at Hair&Joy.  Pretty easy to find, it’s a short walk away from Hongdae Station exit 8.  I had called yesterday to make an appointment.  When I arrived there today, I saw they had a sign in the window that said they are closed on Mondays – fortunately someone was around to pick up my call yesterday, which was also a Monday!  Probably someone who just happened to be in, or was doing the bookkeeping, I don’t know.  Maybe the calls get forwarded to another number on Mondays.

I’ve been in Korea for almost two years, and I’ve always gone to local salons and used my imperfect Korean language skills to get by.  This time, I thought I’d check out a place where foreigners go.  It was nice to speak English and feel like I had fully expressed what I wanted … even though I walked in with only a vague idea of what I wanted, haha. I said I wanted to cover up my massive forehead and also cut my long hair to slightly above shoulder-length – and after my hair wash, she showed me a picture of Hyeri from Girl’s Day, and asked me what about something like this, but with more front hair/bangs?

this is not the picture she showed me, but more or less the same hair

And I now have Girl’s Day Hyeri hair, but longer and with a hint of bangs. Typical schoolgirl haircut, really.  My hair is now about 15 cm (6 in.) shorter, and feels much lighter and easier to deal with.  I hate when my hair gets long enough that I can smell it.


The total came out to 30,000 won, which is not that much different than the usual 22,000 won (I think?) it usually costs me at Riahn and other salons around where I live.  The pricelist on the window outside says 25,000 for a ladies’ haircut, so I guess my 30,000 won was because of the wash+style, or maybe it’s the foreigner price, haha.

헤어엔조이 (Hair & Joy)
서울특별시 마포구 홍익로6길 74, 홍남빌딩 3층 [Naver Map] [Daum Map]
Seoul, Mapo-gu, Hongik-ro-6-gil, 74, Hongnam Building, 3F [Google Maps]

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