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Korean Air upgrade

Not sure what happened, but I have no complaints! Instead of being seated at 31A (I had asked for a window seat not by the bathroom)…  when I got my boarding pass, the seat number had changed to 16A.  I didn’t notice this at first, because the airport was a lot busier than I expected.

My flight began calling for final check in at 8.10, and I was rushed to the standby desk. Got through security at 8.30 by being rushed through the cabin crew security area. Immigration, in a small office to the side, behind the diplomat/crew/priority pass desk. The immigration officer gave me a little lecture about being early next time – yes, okay. Flight at 9, I arrived at 7.30, yeah probably not the best timing strategy.

When I handed my boarding pass to the stewardess, she pointed me to the upper level. I had been about to head into the direction of economy at 31A because I’d seen the location on seatguru. I was confused when I saw the spacious seats. What kind of layout was this? Did I have to go further up front to economy, and for some reason, first or business was behind economy?

Anyway. Turns out, my seat was one of the cabin bulkhead seats. Crazy! How? Why? I don’t know. I remember joking around and being pleasant on the phone, but I had been assigned 31A. It was 31A when I checked in online, last night!



So much space!

Lovely surprise, anyway. I don’t think I was dressed for it. No makeup, a bit scruffy looking. I was officially in business class. Or, as Korean Air calls it, “Prestige Class”.

Two bathrooms! One in front (with a curtain to hide it!), and one at the back.

Macadamia nuts? Haha! The stewardess handed out honey roasted peanuts. Yes, they were in a bag. But then again, I think I was in business class, not first. (It’s only been a month since Heather Cho had her nut rage incident, the one where she flipped out over being handed peanuts in a bag instead of on a plate.)


Also, yeah, I was right next to the toilet. I did catch the occasional whiff of toilet. But you know what, I didn’t care.

And breakfast was a choice of rice porridge, or an omelette. I went for the omelette, because I associate rice porridge with being sick.


Perhaps I should have asked for champagne!! I just felt so scruffy and out of place. Note to self, maintain yourself!!


Deplaned so quickly!! Goodbye, beautiful seat. I love Korean Air now.

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