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Christmas in Itaewon

Christmas dinner in Itaewon! On the way there (especially in the subway), I saw so many people carrying cake boxes. It seems like it’s a thing here to get a cake for Christmas. I think that’s lovely. I felt as if I should buy a cake, too … but that would only end up with me eating the entire cake. So, no.

My friend and I arrived in Itaewon at around 5 pm, and walked around looking for a place. I don’t remember the name of the place, but the plates say Bliss. Google says Bar Bliss WAS a gay bar in Itaewon, and has been closed for years. I don’t know where I was. It was somewhere in the main restaurant area.


christmas 2014 salad

We were so hungry! This was one of the starter salads, with mozzarella balls and balsamic dressing.  So good.

christmas 2014

Pickles, of course.  And half of the table bread, with a little bullet of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

A half-pint of draft Guinness (they don’t serve any other size), and the Lycheepolitan, with a spear of lychee!


christmas 2014 diablo chicken

Chicken Diablo, from the “Internationally” section of the menu. Garlic aioli, cabbage coleslaw, and awesome barbecued/cheese corn on the cob.

 christmas 2014 diablo

All done with dinner!


christmas 2014 bungalow

The Cheesecake cocktail (rum, kahlua, pineapple juice) and the Apple Pie drink.

We continued on to The Bungalow, wanting to sit at the sand area. That area was full, so we ended up at some low armchairs by the bar.

I forgot what was in the Apple Pie. Vodka? Definitely two thin slices of apple, and a huge piece of cinnamon bark. I sucked on the piece of bark, to see if it would be cinnamony. It wasn’t. It was like sucking on a piece of bark. Surprise surprise.


christmas 2014 lp

I forgot what these drinks were called… Blue something, and Peach something.

At the LP Bar, which is a really cool concept. Vinyl records everywhere. They probably play music off a computer, though.


christmas 2014 lp2

Last drink of the night. A Long Island Iced Tea, and Tequila Sunrise.

No hangover!

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