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Vaccinations, Round 2

I brought Whiskey in for his second round of vaccinations. 24,000 원, just like the previous visit. I still have the 20% mystery discount, yay!

It is either:

a) Foreigner discount?

b) Because I picked up a street cat?

c) Decoy discount that everyone gets, so they feel like they’re getting a good deal.

Also, he’s 위스키 on the vet paperwork! Written the same way as the standard Korean spelling for the alcohol! I thought it was cool. (Lets be real, the vet staff probably thinks I’m a crazy foreigner who named her cat after a bottle of booze.)

I got a different vet this time. He checked Whiskey, balls and all, and changed his status from “Unknown” to “Neutered Male”. Success! My customer disloyalty goes unnoticed!! Woo!

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