in Cat

Neutered cat

Neutering cost was 180,000 원. I also had him dewormed, and my grand total was 193,000원.

The price at my usual vet is 110,000원, but they said Whiskey was only 4 months old. So I went to another vet, who said he was 5 months, felt him up, and declared him ready for surgery. Whiskey stayed overnight at that vet, and I picked him up the next day (today!).

Got this message from the vet this morning:



He looks stunned in the picture. (“What … what happened?”)

He’s been pretty quiet, and really mellow. Probably because he’s groggy or in pain or both. He keeps asking to be scratched and petted, and stays snuggled between my legs when I’m sitting down.


Horrible blanket placement, I know. It looks like I’ve got some kind of weird camel toe. I haven’t gained that much weight, I promise.

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