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Sudden Kitten supplies

After I woke up and played with the cat this morning, I took it across the street. The vet confirmed that my cat is a boy! He asked where the cat came from — street cat? Yes, I said, but I think someone threw him away. ¬†Because he’s far too friendly to be a street cat. He doesn’t hiss and claw.

The vet says he’s about 4-5 months old. No fleas, no ear mites. Just dust and ear wax, which is quite normal. Vet cleaned his ears and eyes. Whiskey was very good about it, just a couple of sad little meows at being handled by a stranger. (To be fair, I’m a stranger, too … I only walked into his life at 8 pm yesterday).

Also, GUESS WHAT, today is one of those Sundays where Lotte Mart/Homeplus/emart are closed! ¬†ppppfdzs043 <—- typed by cat

No pet shops in my area. So, off to the vet. Spent 9,900 won on five tiny, cat-sized cans of cat food. Two of them turned out to be dog food (haha), so I had to go back to exchange them.

Also a bag of Royal Canin Kitten for dry food. I’ve been reading ALL THE INFORMATION and am trying to not feed Whiskey “empty” junk food. Confused by options at the vet office, so I went with the food my friend had. She had given me a little bit to tide me over for the first day, and Whiskey was eating it… so it should be OK for now. That ran me another 30,000 won.

I got a large plastic container from Daiso as a better cat litter box, for 3000 won. Turns out it’s STILL too shallow (10 cm tall), and Whiskey likes pawing around with the wood pellets (gross). Wood pellets all over my bathroom floor.

Daiso also had a nail clipper for 1000 won, and a dangly cat toy for 2000 won. Should be good for now.

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