in Cat

First vaccination

The vet said I could only get a cat vaccinated after it had been home for a week. Ugh. In the meantime, I was supposed to fend off rabies and toxoplasmosis!?

Anyway, one week went by, and I went back. The vet cleaned inside his ears (again) and trimmed his claws. And got the first vaccination done! Just one injection! Whiskey was a trooper and totally cooperative. Didn’t do anything to embarrass me, fortunately.

The vet’s receipt says it was a 4-component vaccine, but only listed three things: FVRCP+Ch+FeLV. Maybe one of them counts as three. Or it didn’t fit on the receipt.

24,000원, and the cashier told me I had received a 20% discount. I’m not sure why I qualified for a discount – because Whiskey was a street cat?

Next round of vaccinations will be in three weeks’ time. It’ll be three doses of … something.

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