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A Korean Cat

A kitten walked into my life today. I had always been hankering after a kitten, but today took me by surprise.

I had gone to Wolmido Island today, with two friends. I left them earlier, because my train station was two stops away from theirs. At the Lotte Mart between the train station and the apartment they were going to — they saw a kitten that was obviously not a street cat. Beautiful, and way too friendly. No housing nearby, just businesses, Lotte Mart, and a park. The theory is that  the cat was abandoned at a area that was nice enough to be a stray cat, or had enough foot traffic to get picked up.

My friend phoned me at around 7 pm, and I got there about half an hour later. Maybe I was going to take the cat, maybe I wasn’t. But we decided we should get the cat off the street, anyway.

Two kids had hopped off their bicycles and were playing with the cat.  “Is this your cat?” “No, no.”

We got it into a cat carrier. It started scarfing down the cat food we had placed inside. A guy passing by watched us with a half-smile, and asked the kids, “Is that your cat?” “No.”

My god the kitten was beautiful. I was immediately taken. I had to keep her/him/it. I had always agonized: kitten? adult cat? coloring? This one was easy, it was already perfect. Funny how that works out.

Wtf to do? I don’t have any cat stuff. My (kitten-owning) friend gave me a packet of Whiskas Jr and a bit of Royal Canin Kitten dry food. Some wood pellet litter, and a large Marc Jacobs gift box to use as its temporary litter box!!

Tried to sleep. Blinked at the kitty. Kitty jumped on my eyelids with (unsheathed) paws. Chews my long hair, etc.

Between myself and my friend, we’re not vets … but the cat doesn’t appear to have ear mites or fleas or ringworm or anything visible. Who knows about other stuff. Pretty sure it was recently abandoned – two days at most.

I think it’s a boy, but I’m not sure. I think his name is going to be Whiskey.

Here he is, looking a bit dusty on his first day. (He’s all cleaned up now.)


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