in Food

Work dinner


Work dinner. Lots of soju, Cass beer, and Chilsung cider (a local Sprite).

The Boss: Do you drink soju?
Me: Uh, yes …
Co-worker: (warning nudge)
Me: … a little.  Sometimes.
The Boss: sometimes a little, sometimes a lot?

The restaurant’s specialty is angler fish (아구 / agu). We had angler fish stew (아구찜 / agujjim) and soup (아구탕 / agutang). After the stew was mostly gone, the server added seasoned rice to the cooking pot, which was lovely and my favorite part.

I strayed over to Homeplus on my way home. 12,000 won for a bottle of Head & Shoulders! I need to figure out the local dandruff shampoo, but in the meantime.. when you need dandruff shampoo, you need dandruff shampoo.