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street performance world championship

Today, we went to Merrion Square to check out this world championship, and the attempt to make a Guinness World Record for the largest amount of Wallys/Waldos (as in Where’s Waldo/Wally) gathered in one spot. A and V bought the outfits for 15 euros, but J and I decided to save the money for actual Guinness.

There were all sorts of performers … there was a realllyyyyy buff dwarf (“World’s smallest strongman!”), sword-swallowers, someone juggling chainsaws …

And also various sideshows, just people showing up and doing their own thing, not part of the official program. Or, since we’re in the British Commonwealth now … the official programme. (Yay, it’s soooo nice being back in the Commonwealth! Nobody snarks on me for my “different” pronunciation because everyone else pronounces it the same way I do! Also, I have missed you so much, metric system!!)


Irish gospel choir:


They were wearing sunglasses, and it wasn’t sunny by my standards.

Giant lawn chairs:


Display of some French games:


Taking a picture of A, taking a picture:


A company advertising their product by laying it out for the public:



The guy with the hat tricks:



Lap steel guitar, or steel lap guitar… I can’t remember my OPSHACOM:



Tire out your unruly offspring by putting them in water walkers, and have them spin around like hamsters! Now we see the violence inherent in the system!


They shut down all the streets in the area.


Juggling chainsaws:



Juggling knives on a really high unicycle!



Swallowing swords:


Sausage and chips.


They then blocked off an area only for people in the red and white striped outfits. So J and I hung out on a stoop.





It started pouring! J and I stayed at our stoop, under our umbrellas. The Where’s Wally people had to remove their umbrellas for their 10 terapixel photo (to be printed in the Irish Times on Monday, and for zooming-in fun on the championship website later). (“We’re going to take a picture of everyone, with this really high resolution camera! I think it’s about five megapixels! Got it from Argos, 14 day money-back guarantee!” said the jokester/mc).

Then we headed back home, and passed by a sign for lab equipment. Also, it looks like horses and carriages are perfectly legit to be on public roads with other automobiles.



And that was my day. It was cold and drizzling (as it always is) when we got back on the bus. For dinner, V made sopa for everyone. I thought it was OK, but J and A kept adding more salt to theirs.

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  1. Hey Kim look up Zorbing- similar to the hamster ball things the Irish were putting their kids in but way better!