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Starting work

I had a meeting with Important People earlier today, to discuss the project I’ll be working on. Microfluidics and optimization and … LASERS!!!!!!

I met a Malaysian couple and their two kids on campus. They’re leaving for Malaysia tomorrow, and had been working in the lab that I’m joining. Met them because I was asked to join the laser lab photo op. Turns out that I’m still fluent, but they were all fancy with their Peninsula accent, and commented on my Borneo accent. They probably thought I used to live in a treehouse, and hunted with a spear.

Worked on getting our official IDs today. I took a serious-looking passport photo (no teeth allowed!) in one of those instant photo booths for  €3.50. It coughed out eight passport photos and I only needed one, so I don’t know what I’m going to do with the other photos. I don’t do scrapbooks!!

I also booked my flight to Liverpool (I’m flying back to LAX via England), from Ryanair. Really cheap because I’m booking way in advance. €3.99 for the flight, no taxes, and €6.00 for web check in (kind of a silly fee…), for €9.99 total! Aaaannd an extra €30 for my checked-in suitcase. Fortunately, I only have to check my bag in once throughout my entire stay in Europe. Any other trips I’m making is going to be with a carry-on bag.

I am still trying to figure out where I want to go. I think that I am going to burn my salary on travel. I’m already skimping on food so that I can go places. Because, you know, I’m such a big eater…

I wanted to go to Russia but it looks like the visa is a pain to get, so, no. Not this trip.

On the next episode of Locked Up Abroad…

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