in Ireland, Republic of

rainy afternoon

Early morning, I was walking around and passed by one of the university staff on his way to work. Wearing a Boston Bruins jersey! Someone was happy with the Stanley Cup outcome, clearly.

We made it to Tesco today, and got our groceries. €1.74 for 7.5 kg of potatoes but we had a 1.7 km walk back to campus, so maybe we’ll get that another time. I bought a baguette and had to shield it from the rain on my walk back home. The bread is amazing here. I need to try Irish soda bread next.

J. bought a can of Guinness and I bought a can of Bulmers Irish Cider. I had two sips and was/am buzzing – the Irish don’t mess around with their alcohol, that’s for sure.


It was raining today but it didn’t stop the 5-a-side soccer. I thought they would call it football here, but they call it the Soccer Centre and etc. The weather report says that it’ll be raining all day tomorrow.


So far, the Gaelic phrase I am the most familiar with right now is An Garda Síochána (fancy full name for the Irish police) aka Garda/Gardaí. The Gardai  look very much like their British counterparts, walking around in sweaters over collars, carrying pepper spray and batons, driving tiny cars. And another Gaelic word … sláinte.

J. and V. passed by the laundrette and it looks like the washer prices have been slashed to €2, instead of yesterday’s €3. The dryer still costs €0.50 for 25 minutes.

A. managed to get her USD changed at the bank branch (AIB) on campus. They gave her a rate of USD 1.40 to the euro.

I bought a tub of lotion (apparently that’s how the Europeans roll). It doesn’t seem very hygienic but then again it’s just lotion, not … something else. I still need to get a hairbrush and a soap sponge – I completely forgot.


I don’t like pork but it looks like the only cheap meat, despite being the other white meat. I have yet to come across any sliced turkey or beef or chicken, or sausages. It’s all pork. So it looks like I’m going to have to suck it up, and have decided to jump in headfirst and go hardcore by buying black pudding. I’ll be cooking it for breakfast tomorrow. It’s no great loss if I hate it, it was only €0.67.

Over lunch, the other girls and I tried to figure out where we’re going this weekend. So far it looks like we’re going to Galway. Though I am thinking of jumping on a cheap flight to Brussels or Amsterdam.

We are going to check out NuBar (the subsidized student bar) tonight. I hear they have, um, food.

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