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international market and dublin pride

I have bought my tickets to Berlin, Prague, and Amsterdam, and am also going solo. I am not going to Paris; I will be saving the money for more adventures on a scooter. Maybe. I don’t know. It’s hard to decide which one to go for.

Anyway. Went to the General Post Office to get stamps. It’s a cool building, and the bullet holes and rusty bullets from the Irish uprising can still be seen at the front of the building.


Then off to the international outdoor market (open every day but Sunday) for groceries. Cheapest produce in Dublin! That, and the underground Polish and Indian market. No, really … it’s literally underground.

Got this from a Polish bakery, for 1.70e. The white filling was some kind of dense, AMAZING cream. I wolfed it down soooo fast.







And this badass guy was singing Sinatra etc in the Jervis shopping area, on Mary Street.



Lots of ladies selling fruit and vegetables from antique prams.


You can git your nails did, American style. Whatever that means.


I was walking around the Dublin city centre and found myself in the middle of the annual pride parade!! Bought a flag for 3 euros and spent the next hour and a half cheering like crazy. J bought a whistle and was whistling like crazy, but stopped after a while because she started feeling light-headed from all that puffing!








Then we went back home and moved to our new apartment. The showers and rooms are smaller, if that was even possible!

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