in Ireland, Republic of


So we girls went bar-hopping, or pub-hopping, or club-hopping … whatever it’s called. We went to the Temple Bar district, which is the touristy and expensive district, but you’ve got to start somewhere I guess.

Yes, I can confirm that the Dublin dancefloors are all brightly lit and you can see everything.

The coolest experience was this instrumental band of an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, some kind of drum panel, and an upright bass, playing for change on the street. And people would go up in front of them and start dancing in the street! It was so much fun. And the band was really amazing too, I wish I got their card so that I could look them up. I’ll google for Temple Bar over the next few days and check out what’s been recently uploaded, hopefully they will show up. Lots of people were taking pictures and recording video.

I didn’t bring my camera! None of us did!! From now on, my camera goes everywhere¬†with me!

However. They’re a LOT less pretentious than Los Angeles. No cover fees, just go in and they don’t care if you’re not dressed to the nines. Security and bartenders didn’t even give me a second look; I guess I clearly look over 18.

A French guy who had been staring at me at one of the bars finally beckoned me over, and told me in his French accent, “You have a beautiful face. I want to draw you. I will memorize your face so I can draw you~~~” ooh la la.

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