in Ireland, Republic of

City centre

Yesterday, I went to the city centre! It’s sooooo pretty. It was raining and cold and I was breathing secondhand smoke everywhere and I want to live here!! Dublin is amazing!!!!1!!!1!eleven!!!

I forgot to bring my camera today, so I’ll jack the pictures from the other girls later.

The highest point in Dublin is the Spire, which is nice and minimalist and a great meeting point. It’s basically a big needle, once called the Stiletto in the Ghetto. Haha! The thought that went into my head while I was craning my neck to look at it from down below: “Why?” Apparently this is a common thought.

Everyone in Ireland is thin, I have yet to see any fat people. It must be all the drinking and chain-smoking.

Bought detergent last night – it comes in little packets that disintegrate upon contact with water. I thought it was very handy.

I’m having a lot of bad hair days because my hair is at that funny in-between length right now.

Tanning seems popular here, especially because everyone looks like a litre of milk. There are sooo many tanning salons, and the stores sell a dizzying assortment of bronzers, tanning lotions, etc. And next to the sunscreen, there’s a product called after-sun lotion! It’s what you put on after tanning in the sun, to soothe the burn. Also tanning gloves, which is what you put on so that you don’t get the self-tanner all over your hands.

While buying lotion the other day, I had to carefully pick out a lotion that wasn’t tinted. Half the selection was tinted lotion, and I don’t want to come out looking orange!

I passed by an ad for bottled water that said: “So Irish, it thinks a tan comes out of a bottle.”

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  1. Haha The Irish that I’ve been hanging out here are obsessed with tanning too!!!! So hilarious because they’re so white it’ll take decades for them to get a real tan :)