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Bray: a day at the beach

I keep wearing the same jacket and three shirts in my pictures. That’s because that’s all I have. I might have to go shopping. The other girls haven’t done their laundry at all, and I already need to do my second laundry load today.

Went to the seaside town of Bray yesterday, by train. It looks like the thing to do at the beach is eat ice cream. Which is a completely normal beach activity, unless you’re at a cool and windy beach with no sun. Yes, Bray is a cool and windy beach with no sun. And no sand, yay! Hate sand.

No sun, no sand!? This is my kind of beach!! No, that isn’t sarcasm. I really do appreciate not sweating buckets, and not getting sand everywhere.

The water was verrrry cold, but that didn’t stop some from swimming. I couldn’t possibly!




We ate a late lunch/dinner by the beach, and some random guy passed by and went all, “Bon appetit!” at us. I had a quarter pounder burger and also some chips with salt and vinegar. A had a cheeseburger. J and V both had fish and chips.


The view!


A busker.


Jumped a fence to get a better view.



The nicest Best Western motel I’ve ever seen.




No sand, no sun! The perfect beach!



The gentlemen’s club, right next to a nursing care facility:


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