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Black pudding

Black pudding is alright, though the frying grease smell gets everywhere. Even more so with black pudding. I need a shower.

I need to go get laundry detergent. Went to the student bar last night, and none of us were checked for ID. I guess we look over 18, but not over 21. That’s a first for me. Any new bar I’ve been to in the past has always asked for my ID. Except for Killarney’s in Riverside, but they never ask anyone, anyway.

Towards the end, A. knocked the remaining half of her pint all over me. I didn’t mind, it was kind of funny to walk back to my apartment reeking of beer. However, that means that I don’t have a jacket until I get around to washing it. The garda I passed by didn’t even make a snarky comment, I guess it’s not so unusual to walk around smelling like the house lager.





Found out why the student bar smelled so strongly of beer a couple of nights ago. There are even more Americans on campus, though we are the only ones who are working and being paid, instead of paying to study abroad. So there’s 40+ students from North Carolina and USC, and they were all playing beer pong. Wednesday is American Beer Pong night.

Making my mark in Ireland, the bedpost in my room! Ha ha, those were already there when I moved in.


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  1. Looks like you guys are really enjoying those beers,especially K. Well V looks like she’s too busy with her phone.