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Asia market and St Stephen’s Green

I headed to Asia Market on Drury Street today to get our Asian goods. Bought bok choy, rice cakes, instant noodles, beef balls, oyster sauce, and spring onions for a song.



On our way there, the streets were lined with people headed for the Dublin v. Leinster game at Croke Park. Packed!! Irish rugby is BIG.

Croke Park, by the way, is the big stadium near my university. Last week, Take That played a gig there. I guess Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams aren’t feuding anymore?

And then we wandered around after Asia Market.







So cool! You can drink on top of beer kegs!

People walk around drinking beer in the streets and it’s completely cool here. From what I understand, it’s illegal to walk around with alcohol, but I haven’t seen anyone get arrested. Yet.

I kept walking and ended up in kind of posh area. There were shops like Maison Martin Margiela, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Chanel. Chanel had a gorgeous window display of a mannequin, very beautifully dressed. I heard someone say, “I think they’ll charge me a thousand euros just for looking in their general direction.”



There were also Mole Detection clinics. I didn’t think skin cancer could be high in Ireland, it’s not very sunny here? But sure, a big Caucasian clientele. While passing by a huge department store, there was this Estee Lauder ad that I’ve seen before … but the ad had been cropped to show only the girl in the middle. Not too many nonwhites in Ireland. I’m usually the only Asian wherever I go.



Then, St Stephen’s Green! Finally! And completely on accident. Came across a large swan, grooming itself by the pond.



A homeless guy wrote some cool stuff on the pavement. I put money in his cup, because.



A busker who had a piano! On wheels!

I came across a cool postcard that said: “It’s official … Jesus was Irish. He had 12 drinking friends. He trained as a carpenter. He was unemployed. He lived with his mother until he was 33. He thought his mother was  a virgin. His mother thought he was God.”

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