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Getting in shape

Finally got around to getting my college gym ID. It’s a standard plastic card. Temporary, I’m told. They’re implementing a hand-scan feature! I oohed, “How high-tech!” but the guy at the student center muttered darkly, “I don’t know about handing over my fingerprints.” Well, I don’t care; I want to feel like I’m in a science fiction film. I’m sure I’ll change my mind when it turns out that my fingerprints have been found at a crime scene in South Dakota.

Went to Target to get a combination lock for a gym locker. And a gym towel! Yes, I truly do not have a gym towel. I have a tiny square of a face towel (insufficient, I’m sure), and I do not wish to deal with the stigma of hauling around a bath towel.

And I’m all set.

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  1. sorry i saw a typo in my previous post and couldn't resist myself…

    what i wanted to say was…don't sesat into the guys' shower or the locker room :P