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Friday, Comic-Con 2009, San Diego

Unreleased games played:

Behemoth’s “Game 3”
Katamari Forever
Tekken 6
Fat Princess

Random stuff pushed onto me by various promoters:

various lanyards
promotional buttons
a zillion flyers and posters
fake tattoos
a snap bracelet
two bottle openers
trading cards
antibacterial lotion
advance copies of books
book samplers
tote bags
game trials
Xbox Live Gold trials
caffeinated gum
Norton Antivirus

Things I turned down:
– a booklet of “paranormal romance” short stories

Random people seen:

the guy from that Hercules TV show
the CIA guy from Chuck
Jaime King
Elijah Wood, the dude who played Frodo
Rory’s Asian best friend in Gilmore Girls
Patricia Heaton, the mom from Everybody Loves Raymond
the kid in the upcoming Where The Wild Things Are movie
Penny Arcade guys: Gabe and Tycho
the Tokidoki designer
Jorge Cham
Stan Lee
Edward James Olmos, Battlestar Galactica
Lela Lee, Angry Little Asian Girl comic strip
a lady from The Go-Go’s
John Lasseter
Patton Oswalt, the guy who voiced Ratatouille
NEIL GAIMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAYAO MIYAZAKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People I nearly saw, but didn’t: Robert Downey Jr, Gary Oldman

Pictures coming soonish. I wish I had taken photos of EVERYTHING but I didn’t. It was too amazing to pause and snap photos of. And sometimes when I did want to stop and take photos, the crowd was moving way too fast to get a steady shot. Nevertheless…

… MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW (why yes, i really am this shallow.)

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