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A really low-budget educational video

A cheesy video about trans-Pacific trade. I barely remember the specifics of it – something about Jomon, Valdivia, ugh I don’t want to remember. It was a long time ago. Hilariously bad.

So there’s these Japanese fishermen …

… who find themselves caught in a storm. (insert girly shriek)

(observe: on the left, a door!)

They end up in Ecuador, as you can see in the following low-budget scene:

“Scholars” discuss this CONTROVERSIAL~!! THEORY~!!

… while surrounded with ~*scholarly*~ props.

Yours truly refuses to have her views shot down.

Random Dude gets mad, slaps the table, stands up and yells “You’re all wrong!”

Ahoy, foreigner. We shall trade Far East objects with your South American stuffs.

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