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Virginia, here I come – again

Waiting for the 11 pm flight out of Philadelphia.

I am in Virginia again! Visiting the parental units.

Sat around in the LAX airport for a bit, waiting for my flight. Saw a lady reading The Seven Layers of Intimacy, and I have concluded that there are some books that you just don’t read in public. But I guess airports don’t count, because nobody knows anybody there.

On the Los Angeles-Philadelphia plane, I sat next to this lady, and that was pretty cool. She was working on a script most of the time. I asked her what movies she’d made so far, she told me, and then I went back to sleep. And then I woke up and found out that I had drooled on my sleeve. How graceful.

And on the Philadelphia-DC plane, I took my seat and noticed that the lady was reading The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. The horrid book I read a couple of quarters ago for a class, and thought was totally silly and overly New Age. The one where some guy wrote about “merging with the Source” and “the supreme importance of the Now”. Anyway. I mentioned, in that casual seatmate way, “Oh, I read that book a couple of quarters ago, for a class.”

Ugh, wrong decision. This lady would not stop talking about how the book had changed her, why I should change my opinion on the book, AND her current divorce. Divorced people talk way too much about love and their divorce! I think that they are underqualified for doling out tips on life and love – they did get divorced, didn’t they? (My current landlord is divorced and ALSO talks too much about her divorce.)

Anyway. This lady also leant in way too much to me, and I leant way back – but she only leaned further in. Finally I took charge of my space by sitting upright (instead of leaning backwards). She also had really bad breath (the trip was about an hour), and when I offered her a mint, she turned it down. What!! Never refuse a breath mint!! There were empty seats all around her, but I was unaware of the polite way to cut the conversation short and switch seats. It was a long flight and I fear my life has been cut short by a week, due to this lady’s halitosis.

Ronald Reagan Airport, DC. Deserted, at midnight.

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