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Los Angeles Zoo

As extra credit for my Anthropology class – visiting any zoo, and observing the monyet-monyet, and then writing a paper. Technically I could have just bought a ticket and made up the rest of the paper, but a visit to the zoo is a visit to the zoo.

The Los Angeles Zoo is fifteen minutes away from where I live, so that’s where I went. I went early in the morning (11 am), to beat the crowds. It was really cool. The zoo was nearly empty (full by the time I left at 2 pm), it was like a private visit!

The chimpanzee enclosure, through a glass window.
Cari kutu.

I couldn’t be bothered to observe these orangutans for very long, because they were flinging poo.

There was a section dedicated exclusively to Australia, too! SO I WENT TO AUSTRALIA!!! hihih

An awesome gate or grille or whatever.

Cactuses (or cacti, whatever), to add to the atmosphere.

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