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I found out today that one of my teachers won a crazy amount of money in a lawsuit, back in 2006. Crazy! If I had 27.5 million dollars, I wouldn’t be teaching – no matter how much I like the subject.

The jury reached a verdict Friday, finding that Southwest was responsible for the Oct. 7, 2003, incident and had acted with malice. It awarded her $2.5 million for emotional suffering and $25 million in punitive damages.

I am tempted to ask. Why on earth is she still teaching? $27.5 million is no small sum! Don’t play play! But it would be rude to ask. “About the lawsuit that you’ve never mentioned, but I found out about anyway…”

Do I think she assaulted the flight attendants? Probably not. But she is rather feisty.

The article says she’s been on flight watch lists, but she’s been travelling. Or so she said. Unless she travels by ship. I dungot know.

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