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Writing test

After dragging it out for much too long, I finally sat for my college’s Writing Proficiency Exam.  I signed up for a 10:30 slot, only because the other slot was at a horrific 8 am. I have 8 am classes, yes … but on a weekend, I’m not going to wake up at 8 am!!

Basically all they asked me was “Meals have an important blablabla to everyone … write about a specific meal that was meaningful to you, analyze every minute detail blah blah”. So I wrote my blah blah, and we’ll see if I get credit for this or not.  From what I was made to faham, they just want to know if I’m capable of stringing together a coherent sentence.  90 minutes, 600 words of roughly 3 pages.  I wrote 3 pages and thought it looked more like a thousand. Depends on handwriting size, I guess.

Anyway. Everyone else had dictionaries!! I thought, Why do I need one?  So I didn’t use a dictionary.  We’ll see if I pass or fail this thing. Results sometime within … hmm.  I need to go find out about that.

Also: Oh shit, I forgot to title the stupid essay.

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