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And so, I am currently in Virginia, and on the first leg of my Grand Plan to conquer America.

Flew from Los Angeles LAX to Washington DC Dulles, via Virgin America. Trivia time: the company used to run a business called … Virgin Brides! *snicker*

Hawaiian Airlines has the coolest planes.

Goodbye for now, California palm trees.

I’ve been told that Watchmen sucks?

Children! Avert your eyes!!

Some construction … thing … they’ve got going on outside LAX.

Me! At the airport! Why yes, I am travelling alone, which means that I have to stealthily take my own pictures, while trying to not look vain.

Bags being thrown onto the plane. So that’s why the wheels on my check-ins tend to break.

Anyway. First class (where I most certainly wasn’t at) was entirely taken up by the band members of a big-name jazz musician. I don’t know which one, will try to look up pictures and see if I recognize them. They were famous enough to have fangirls asking for autographs. Haha no! Of course I didn’t ask!

And then I ended up at the Fairfax Museum, a tiny museum-slash-gallery.

… because there’s nothing more romantic than Civil War trails, right? Haha! I say this with sarcasm.

The museum had “Virginia is for Lovers” postcards for sale, and I badly wanted to get one but … who on earth would I send it to, anyway? People might get the wrong idea. =( This made me very sad.

*grumblegrumblegrumble* Sexist.

The volunteer firefighters department. Somehow I don’t think this is what they wore during thems thar fire fightin’ times.

Hilariously bad video of a Civil War reenactment at the nearby – wait for it – Civil War Interpretive Center!

One of Little Saigon’s many Vietnamese delis.

I’ll be here for a week and then some. Heading back to California on the 29th.

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