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Hate hair. Have been having way too many Bad Hair Days. This happens fairly often – but lately has been happening way too often.

Am reconsidering going back to a 2005 haircut, which was induced by temporary insanity (midterms).

I’ll be having my finals next week. And it’s the first time I’ve ended finals week on a Wednesday!! Woohoo!, etc.

Even before finals week, I fall asleep in my day clothes.

Oh mengapa begitu banyak peperiksaan di dunia yang fana ini?

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  1. hahahahha, every time you say “dunia yang fana ini”, daku teringat kepada sembahyang mu dahulu…hahha!

  2. haha it was supposed to be sembahyang yg penuh perasaan that… but i ended up laughing anyway HAHAHAHA! =D

  3. ahahaha….guess what!!! i don’t have exams!!!! ahahhahahaha marilah australia belajar dgn saya.. :P got lah one class – second language acquisition, the final assessment adalah melukis poster…saya pun stress nie..