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I had a fantastic birthday, thanks to fantastic people! Woohoo!! Can-can already! Before you know it, I’ll be sakit-sakit tulang and whatnot.

I had to have some sort of Celebrate Me!!! thing, so I decided that I wasn’t going to cook on my birthday. Went to get $1 dim sum across the street – $4 worth of dim sum feeds me for two days, I swear. Ordered in Cantonese so broken, the lady behind the counter started talking to me in English. Gah!! This is what happens when you neglect watching those 6, 7 pm Cantonese TV shows. Must watch more Chow Yun Fat movies or something. Purely for educational purposes, of course!

Anyway. Come to think of it, I did some cooking. Had to boil my bok choy (sayur sawi?). Fiber! I think.

Got a bunch of text messages from people in school. Most of them said “don’t party too hard”. Do they know something about me that I don’t? Alcohol? What’s that?? Am unfamiliar with this concept.

It’s Dead Week at school, but I’m not going to study tonight. It’s my birthday!!

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  1. happy bdayness again!!!!! i finally had enough internet time to get to your blog……….. housemates and i decided to come to uni tonight to get online