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Tears of a rapper

I love Flight of the Conchords. Episode 3 was lots of fun, especially “Hurt Feelings”: “tears of a rapper / I’m crying tears of a rapper”. Because, you know, rapper tears are the manly way to go. Hee hee!

Easy, catchy bass line. So I picked this out from listening to it. Although my bass might be out of tune. Hihihi!


Fancy computer stuff, using Power Tab Editor:

Exact same thing, but a lot less jumping around the fretboard:

And the library rap in the beginning:

Oh yes, the bass. I’ve been playing the bass for a while now. Two years, I think? Some reasons:

a) A good violin is ridiculously expensive here
b) I never was much of a pianist. And even if I was (which I’m not), the cost of a piano …
c) It’s just like playing the guitar? Except that the guitar is EADGBE, the bass is just EADG.
d) It looks cool. (well, it does to me!)

Not Adventist-approved, though, just like drums. Hihihi.

In an attempt to be Economical, I tried cutting my front hair in the mirror. It was a disaster and I now have unfortunate emo bangs. This was not what I intended – I had been going for the layered look. I failed, obviously.
Hair must stay back in ponytail now – if I let it loose, it looks like I have a mullet! Ugh! DO NOT WANT! Have to go and pay someone to give me a decent haircut, as soon as I have free time. Moral: don’t cut your own hair if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might end up looking emo.

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