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Singles Awareness Day

So apparently my school’s idea of Valentine’s Day was to set up a Student Health Centre booth in the middle of the campus walkway, passing their goods out like flyers: “Happy Valentine’s Day! Have a free condom!” “No glove, no love!”

When I passed by, they were yelling stuff like “Get them now, we’re running out fast” hihihi. I was laughing so hard when I passed by the booth. (Apparently, am still 12 years old inside.)

Also, fire drill today. As usual, everyone moved reallyyyy slowly. If it had been a real fire, we’d all be dead by now ha ha. “What? Is that the fire drill? Do we HAVE to go?” The sucky part is that my quiz didn’t get cancelled, we went back to class and took the quiz anyway. The cool part is that one of my friends had cookies, so we sat in the parking lot and ate those cookies until it was time to go back in the building. Hee hee! She always has cookies with her, I need to bake some too and reciprocate.

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