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The worst book I’ve ever had to read

Required text for my (required) Cultural Emotions sociology class: The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.

ALAMAK!! It’s one of those annoying, New Age, self-help books. Some snippets:

” … when you enter the phase of dreamless sleep. You merge with the Source. You draw from it vital energy …”

“… always have some of your attention in the inner energy field of your body.”

“… the supreme importance of the Now …”

The book also goes on to explain the “spiritual experience” that females experience when they get their periods. The funny/annoying part of this is … the writer is a man! Apa dia tau ooo!?


On a different, less I-am-annoyed note (a lot of that recently, it seems!) …

I used to go pancing/goreng/makan ikan at my auntie’s tempat in Kitapol all the time. A lot of kolam, a lot of fish, etc.

BERTAHUN-TAHUN I tried to figure out what KAT Enterprise Sdn Bhd meant. I thought up all these combinations of Kitapol, Kampung, Air, Aquatic, Aqua, Aquarium, Tilapia, Technology, Trading, blablabla…. tapi none of them ever seemed ngam to me. Finally the other day I asked my cousin what it means.

“Oh itu … Kolam Air Tawar”.


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  1. the Source and i play tennis every third thursday. if you want, i can put you in touch with Him/Her/Its Highness.

  2. Please let the Source know that I am having a hard time getting in touch with him/her/it. (I am told that consuming illegal substances may help, but am loath to try this out for myself.)